Hotel restaurants

The 6 Hottest Hotel Restaurants in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco

IF YOUR IDEA of a meal at the hotel restaurant consists of sad peas accompanied by a factory-farmed ribeye and a piece of blue-covered iceberg in a bottle, it’s time to look up. A new series of stylish properties have competed against top chefs, most with a James Beard award or two under their toque, […]

Hotel amenities

DC’s quirkiest hotel amenities, from common dog to secret rooms

Living life, hotel style, can be exhilarating with dizzying views, fluffy bathrobes and little soaps worth snatching up. In Washington, DC, some hotels go even further, offering jaw-dropping amenities not seen anywhere else, and probably for good reason, too. Below, Curbed DC has listed in no particular order some of the weirdest amenities found in […]