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Stunning hotel rooms, restaurants and underwater spas, from Dubai to the Maldives

Some may dream of distant beaches, others of mountains or jungles in exotic lands, but how about escaping underwater for a vacation in the company of fish? But we are not talking about diving holidays. A growing number of tourist destinations now offer overnight stays and other underwater experiences, including spas and restaurants. Apparently many […]

Hotel rooms

The lockdown workaround that turns private hotel rooms into mini restaurant bubbles

Three hotels in Old Montreal and their on-site restaurants are using empty rooms to hold private dinners, with guests not needing to stay the night. Diners get a three-hour dining window, a server brings each course to their table, and beds are pulled out (unless guests are staying the night). With restaurants across the city […]

Hotel rooms

Erie restaurant moves meals to empty hotel rooms

Oliver’s Rooftop restaurant Erie Hampton Inn Suites scott companies Nick Scott Sr. on what Oliver’s Rooftop diners will see from the Hampton Inn & Suites’ 8th-floor restaurant, and the challenges of opening during a pandemic. Erie Times-News Like other restaurants in Pennsylvania, the new Oliver’s Rooftop restaurant, located on the eighth floor of the New […]

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Food and Beverage Trends for Hotel Restaurants and Bars in 2021

COVID-19 has changed, perhaps permanently, the landscape of our daily lives, driving dramatic changes in how businesses reach customers and how audiences access products and services. Being an industry that relies heavily on human interaction, the hospitality sector has been among those that have suffered the most this year amid lockdowns and restrictions. THE ADVERTISEMENT […]