Hotel restaurants

Chef Erik-Bruner Yang quits popular hotel restaurants at DC Row

Influential DC chef and restaurateur Erik Bruner-Yang is no longer involved with Line DC, the elegant Adams Morgan Hotel. Located inside a converted church, the line positioned itself as a dining destination when it opened three high-profile dining venues shortly after its planned debut in late 2017. Andrew Zobler, founder and CEO of Line’s parent […]

Hotel amenities

Issues Revealed by W Hotel Amenities Decision Need Legislative Solution

In a decision that challenges the legal framework for many Florida condo hotels, the state’s Third District Court of Appeals recently ruled in favor of an Icon Brickell condominium owner’s claim that the Declaration of ownership violates state law giving ownership and control of shared facilities. to the owner of the W Miami Hotel. The […]

Hotel rooms

Beauport reinvents hotel rooms into workspaces | Local News

When the dog barks too loudly and the internet connection becomes spotty, a local hotel has given a whole new meaning to the acronym “WFH”. Beauport Hospitality Group presents its idea of ​​”working from the hotel” by offering rooms at the Beauport Hotel, 6 Rowe Square, as office space for those who need a targeted […]