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4 must-have hotel amenities for summer trips

PHOTO: Rooftop pool at night with city views at the Hard Rock Hotel in Panama City.

Some hotels are more than just a place to sleep at night. Still, there are few in-room amenities a hotel can offer that surpasses the appeal of the outdoors in the summer.


Whether you’re staying along the crowded beachfront or nearly secluded in the mountains, there are special hotel amenities that can transform a vacation.

Here are four unique hotel amenities travelers should look for when booking accommodation for their summer trip in 2016.

Theater by the sea

The only downside to watching a movie in the summer is having to do it indoors. But there are ways around this.

Luckily, this one-of-a-kind amenity is available at the Pacific Reef Hotel, which recently unveiled its oceanfront theater on Gold Beach, Oregon. Measuring 33 feet wide and 12 feet high, the massive screen is made of smart glass, which means guests can see the ocean through it when nothing is playing.

Rooftop swimming pool

Rooftop pools are far more common than oceanfront theaters, but when the weather heats up, guests would be hard-pressed to name a more valuable amenity than the pool.

Whether you’re looking to exercise painlessly or just want to cool off and relax in the sun, few summer facilities are as equipped to meet your desires as a rooftop swimming pool. If he has access to the bar or the cabin, that’s just a plus.

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If you’re looking for the ultimate rooftop pool this summer, look no further than Australia Park Hyatt Sydney (pictured above).


This gear won’t jump out at you, but could easily become one of your favorites during the summer.

Once the sun goes down, few settings are as relaxing as a fireplace. Gather your friends or make new ones. Toast marshmallows or order a cocktail. The choice is yours around the fire.

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Travelers are guaranteed to have a memorable homestay experience at the five-star hotel Esperanza, a resort inn (pictured above) in Cabo San Lucas, where comfort and views are second to none.

Canoes, Kayaks

A hotel offering its guests access to water sports is definitely one step ahead of the competition in the summer. But since not everyone can surf or paddle board without getting in the way, canoes and kayaks are the ideal equipment at the water’s edge.

Not only are they easy to use, but customers can relax inside a canoe or kayak and take in beautiful views of their destination or get close-ups of wildlife.

While lakeside hotels are ideal for canoeing and kayaking given the calmer waters, there is no shortage of hotels and resorts that offer free access to a relaxing trip on the water.