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7 of the World’s Most Amazing Hotel Amenities | On the way

Besides location, one of the most important factors travelers consider when choosing a hotel is its amenities. The modern globetrotter expects more than a free bottle of water and a decent swimming pool. And properties around the world are taking notice, going above and beyond to provide the most lavish amenities. From golden iPads to indigenous cultural ceremonies, these seven resorts raise the bar when it comes to creating an incredible vacation experience with truly unique amenities.

Gold iPad
Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is a great place to sample the exaggerated luxury that Dubai is famous for. While many hotels are offering in-room iPads these days, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is stepping it up a notch by giving every guest a 24-karat gold iPad to use during their stay. The iPad acts as a virtual concierge and provides travelers with access to hotel services, detailed descriptions of the property’s dining options, a spa menu, and butler and housekeeping services in a jiffy on a touch screen.

welcome ceremony
Pretty beach house

Perched on the unspoiled land of the Bouddi Peninsula in New South Wales, Australia, lies Pretty beach house. The hotel is located in the fascinating Bouddi National Park, home to numerous Aboriginal sites, rock shelters adorned with Aboriginal carvings and art, and other archaeological wonders. It is out of respect for the sacred land that Pretty Beach House offers new guests the chance to witness a nightly welcoming smoking ceremony performed by native elders around a crackling fire.

Private Yacht
Relais Villa del Golfo & Spa

Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea on the island of Sardinia, Relais Villa del Golfo & Spa is surrounded by some of the most crystal clear waters on the planet. The sea reigns supreme in Sardinia and on the Costa Smeralda, the island’s naturally windy climate makes it ideal for sailing. Make the most of the property’s dazzling location when you board the hotel’s private yacht, the BonAria, for a spin. No need to be a master sailor: use of the yacht also includes a skipper and hostess, plus drinks, a tour and dinner.

Spa and detox cures
Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa

Surrounded by the fresh air and beauty of the mysterious Black Forest in Baden-Baden, Germany, lies the Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa. This luxury hotel is located in one of the best spa towns in the world and, without a doubt, one of the most amazing amenities has to be its world-renowned medical care. The hotel employs a team of professionals and certified physicians who use the latest diagnostic techniques to determine your specific health needs. You can choose from a health checkup, naturopathic diagnosis and therapy, nutritional coaching, ophthalmology services, cosmetic dentistry, OBG-YN services, and even personalized physiotherapy.

Deluxe Kids Program
The Old Course Hotel

The Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa sits on the oldest course in the world in the Fife region of Scotland, considered by many to be the ‘home of golf’. Although the rolling greens are the main draw here, the hotel doesn’t forget about its younger guests. While dad plays and mom pampers at the property’s Kohler Waters spa, the kids can enjoy the deluxe kids’ program. Upon arrival, children receive a welcome pack with coloring books and crayons, a welcome gift, a well-stocked toy box, games, age-appropriate books, mini bathrobes and plush slippers and a massage bed. Along with additional amenities, the program also includes activities such as a scavenger hunt, golf lessons at the world-famous course, and visits to nearby attractions. Kids can also expect VIP meals, chef-made snacks, and free mocktails.

Perched at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge, Cavallo Point offers breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay. The hotel takes its name from part of San Francisco’s history: wild horses once roamed here, and caballo is the Spanish word for “horse”. The first California settlers started using “cavallo”, because the pronunciation of “b” and “v” in Spanish is very close, and the name took hold. Roam San Fran like wild horses once did in one of the hotel’s Lexus cars, which hotel guests can use at their leisure, for test drives and to explore the Bay Area.

Department of Romance
Las Ventanas al Paraiso

Do you need a little help in the romance department? Las Ventanas al Paraiso literally has a romance department that specializes in making every guest’s “romantic dream” come true. The hotel staff can help you with everything from elaborate marriage proposals to writing the perfect love letter. Looking for a horse and an orchestra to serenade you? They have that too. Plus, his “Men in White” program will turn any gentleman into an impressive five-star chef for a night.