Hotel rooms

A downtown Boise intersection could see hundreds of hotel rooms in multiple projects

There was a time when Boise Chamber and Convention officials worried that the capital would not have enough venues to attract and host large conventions. This is no longer the case.

I spent the afternoon with Don Day of BoiseDev to see how a once sleepy Grove Street exploded into the hotel’s new hallway.

Day explains, “You could see 400 new hotel rooms right at this intersection.”

The only thing sleeping on Grove Street these days are the hundreds of overnight guests. Four new hotel projects are underway, two are in the process of moving and the other two are on the planning table.

First at the corner of 11th and Grove, a project that plans to have 271 rooms, which would be the most in any hotel in Boise. Across the street Grove, where the old Safari Inn once stood, has been gutted for another big project. Don Day says old is new again.

“Instead of tearing it down, they’ll reuse the old property and make it a fun boutique hotel where they’ll have a food truck where the pool used to be and sixty rooms that would take this old property and bring it back to life.”

A Wisconsin billionaire who bought Owyhee Plaza, which hasn’t been a hotel in years, has big plans for the backyard that once hosted beer parties.

“It’s kind of interesting, it’s going to be a hundred and fifty rooms, a rooftop bar, a restaurant downstairs, they’re trying to give it a historic feel, lots of bricks, it’s the same people who have opened the Hall Food Warehouse at BoDo.