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‘Anarchist cook’ George Egg cooks meals in hotel rooms, sheds and now on the go

An avowed foodie and accomplished cook, George Egg has been a comedian since his late teens.

For the first two decades, he was doing a routine based on finely tuned props and making a living, but as he puts it, “I wasn’t really creative. Not on stage anyway.

During this time, Egg’s family life was characterized by a great deal of building, cooking, and creativity. But it wasn’t until 2015 that the idea of ​​combining his two passions and taking a new direction as a performer began to take shape.

“I had had fun in hotel rooms for a few years,” Egg recalls, “seeing what I could cook on the hotel room equipment. Just for fun. I really don’t know why.

“I wrote my first comedy and cooking show, Anarchist cook, in which I cooked a three-course meal on hotel appliances on a set that was designed to look like a hotel room. I took it to Edinburgh in 2015 and sold the whole race.

The success of Anarchist cook not only allowed Egg to tour for two years, but also carved out a very unique niche in comedy. His follow-up show Handyman cook followed a story about his banishment to the shed, where he took to cooking with power tools; again, it was enthusiastically received by critics and audiences.

Perhaps one of the surprises is that the meal Egg prepares before your eyes, with the most unlikely of equipment, is gourmet cooking – which it shares among everyone at the end, before packing everything away and get back on the road.

Preparing cabbages in a blender – photo: Courtesy of George Egg

His goal is to “experiment, captivate and interest” his audience, as well as the obvious requirement to be funny in front of him.

The nature of performance is full of potential challenges that Egg avoids by “training, training, training”, and always having a few spare ingredients on hand, as well as what he calls a “training kit”. technical first aid – with things like a glue gun, fuses, tools, etc. “.

In 2019 Egg wrote and created his third show moveable partywhich he toured extensively when the pandemic hit, and which he resumed in 2021.

Before focusing on a ‘best of’ for the Edinburgh Fringe 2022 – featuring new material and a recipe from each of the previous three shows, it will perform moveable party for the last time on February 15 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

“What a place to do the last show,” he smiles. “I really like the wardrobe. It’s such a cool place and run by such nice people. And the people in Bristol are the best.

For Egg, returning to a show he did so long ago brought its own personal challenges: “When I wrote it, I talked a lot about my childhood and cooking with my dad,” recalls -he.

“There is a routine that ends with a punchline hinting that his death may have been caused by childhood prank. When I wrote this he was alive and well and during lockdown he sadly passed away. So when I came back on stage, I didn’t really get it until I got to that point and, well, it was a weird sight for me.

As for the content of moveable party – what can people expect? From hotel irons and power tools, this time Egg turns its attention to the kitchen with motors, car batteries and even air conditioning.

He also shares hard-earned tips for turning roadwork into a picnic and getting around high airport restaurant prices with a little common sense and creativity.

Cooking with a car battery – photo: courtesy of George Egg

Looking ahead, Egg has plenty of (hotel) irons in the fire – including a new regular co-hosting slot on BBC Radio 4’s culture magazine show, loose ends. But he sticks to other adventures in food and comedy.

His Snack The videos on Instagram – where he adapts, improves, recreates or invents a snack – started as a containment project and have since been hugely successful, with more than 4 million views on social media.

“It can be as simple as putting pickled jalapeños in a Greggs cheese and onion bake, or creating a passable bowl of ramen using super noodles, instant miso soup and KFC wings,” explains- he.

“So I think the next show might be a live version of Snackbut how it will manifest, we will have to see.

George Egg – Movable Feast (age recommendation 14+) is at The Wardrobe Theatre, The Old Market Assembly, 25 West St, Old Market, Bristol, BS2 0DF on 15 February at 7.30pm. Tickets are available at

Main photo: Courtesy of George Egg

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