Hotel rooms

Are hotel rooms really hygienic? Here’s how you can check

It is very important to choose a good accommodation when planning a vacation. There are many options available to travelers these days among hotels, resorts and homestays for accommodation. When selecting a place to stay, all travelers look for safe and hygienic options. Generally, hotels are preferred for their amenities and standards of cleanliness.

However, have you ever wondered if these hotels are really hygienic? The hotel staff makes a point of changing the sheets and cleaning the bathrooms, but is this enough to ensure the hygiene of the space?

It is essential to remember that diseases can be spread in other ways during your stay at the hotel, for example when you touch door handles, remote controls or even glasses.

Here are some tips for checking hygiene in a hotel room while on vacation.

Check the bathroom

Before your arrival, the maintenance staff will make sure to clean your toilets, but sometimes this is not enough. But, sometimes the bathroom may not have been cleaned properly and it may pose risks to your health. Before using the hotel room bathroom, pour a cup of hot water on the bathroom floor to check that it is clean.

Do not use the glasses in hotel rooms

Be careful when using the glasses provided in hotel rooms. Although they have been cleaned, it is always safe to run water over the glass to check for any lingering stains. Sometimes housekeeping will just pull your glass out of the water or even wipe it down quickly with a towel.

Clean the remote controls:

Almost everyone touches the TV remote control in hotel rooms. The remote control is usually not cleaned by maintenance personnel. To make sure the remote is clean, use a wet wipe or hand sanitizer. Since these remote controls are not clean, there could be a risk of infection.

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