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Book hotel rooms in Malaysia for intraday work

There are several reasons why it can be difficult to spend the night in hotels.

Maybe you’re worried about leaving your pets at home. Separation anxiety can be a real battle when it comes to furkids (I’m looking at the ones with 5,348 photos of your cats in your phone, many of them in the exact same position).

Or you just find it difficult to pack everything into a travel bag. It’s only a night or two, but who knows, you might need extra clothes, extra facials, gym shoes and workout clothes IF you feel like going to the gym (news flash, you never To do).

But what if you still want to enjoy the conveniences and fantasies of a hotel suite, and have a quiet environment conducive to working and/or resting for a set amount of time?

There is a void that the Flow app could fill. Flow is a “platform for space” that allows urban travellers, digital nomads, remote workers, etc., to book a hotel room to stay for a few hours.

Flow claims that by booking for a specific time slot that suits your work or travel schedule, users can save up to 75% off full-day prices.

The main features that particularly attracted me to the application are:

  1. I can choose the time slot I want to check in and stay at the hotel. And the time slots are quite suitable for both work and rest.
  2. There are four or five star hotels that I may not want to pay top dollar for a one night stay, but I’m happy to pay a portion to experience and enjoy the room and amenities for a good few time.
  3. Last minute booking is available which suits my impromptu and sometimes spontaneous self.

It’s also a good way to test out some hotels and if I take enough advantage of it, I may choose to come back in the future for a longer stay/workcation.

Warning: This article is not sponsored by Flow or InterContinental Kuala Lumpur, and I paid for those few hours spent at the hotel.

At the time of writing, the price range is around RM103 to RM180 for a room in a four or five star hotel, excluding tax.

To be fair, one can pay a lot less than RM100 per day for a coworking space, but that’s sharing a space with others, minus the hotel facilities and luxury.

Sometimes good things happen after 2 a.m.

(How I met your mother reference, anyone?)

I was specifically looking for hotels with the “Bathtub” icon

I wasn’t kidding about the occasional spontaneity. I made my reservation for InterContinental Kuala Lumpur on the Flow app at 2:07am, 10 hours and 53 minutes before the 1:00pm check-in time on the same day.

The app’s user interface makes it easy to find a hotel. Amenities are displayed as icons, fixed time slot options with respective prices are displayed with some hotels offering free cancellations before check-in.

I chose 1-8pm because I thought that was the best time to work and some down time after work.

There is a timeline showing the times you have booked and how much time you have left

The total came to RM190.01 after tax and I chose to make payment at the hotel as there was no price difference. Upon booking I received a confirmation code and email to show reception upon check-in.

11 hours and 53 minutes later

In true Malaysian fashion, I was late for check-in. A whole hour late. The front desk staff at the InterContinental Kuala Lumpur hotel, however, gave me a substitute time for my stay so that I could check out at 9pm instead of 8pm.

Even though I didn’t make any upfront payment, he also said that the reservation would not be canceled even if I was extremely late.

To note: I did not ask for the extra time, it was kindly offered to me by the reception. I checked with them if this was normal procedure for any late check ins with Flow, he clarified that it was offered at the discretion of the staff.

Based on the terms and conditions mentioned in the Flow app, a security deposit of RM200 is required upon check-in. But it wasn’t necessary or requested by the hotel, I guess that’s also based on hotel standard operating procedures.

The check-in process was smooth and easy. It is possible that I was lucky because there was no queue. It helped that there was no confusion from the hotel front desk with booking through Flow.

The 7 hour work begins

The deluxe room with a king-size bed, a seating area with a sofa and a dedicated desk

The hotel room met my expectations from what was mentioned in the Flow app. I had chosen wisely, indeed.

Turns out working in a bathrobe can make me more productive. I’m sure that’s the reason.

It was absolutely not because I was rushing to finish my work because I paid for 7 hours in this room and I really want my last 2 hours to be for relaxing.

After a solid 4 hours of typing and doing various tasks, I went up to level 5 for a walk and some stretching.

I hadn’t planned on exercising here, but just wanted to check out the facilities for the purposes of this article.

The gym and pool are open from 8am to 8pm, which meant I had time to use the facilities, if I wanted to.

Stopping for a break at 7.30pm, it was time to use the tub and I came prepared with a bath bomb.

Being in the heart of KL city, ordering food via Grab for dinner was convenient and the hotel concierge brought the food to the room.

An in-room dining menu is also available for guests who prefer to enjoy the InterContinental Kuala Lumpur’s locally sourced or world cuisine dishes.

It’s time to check

As I finish typing this article about 30 minutes before departure time, I must say that I am quite satisfied with my job done, my much needed hot bath, my overall stay at the InterContinental Kuala Lumpur, and my experience with Flow.

However, I wish that Flow improve their filtering function so that I can search for hotels based on amenities, specific time slots, or promotions/offers (early bird, meals, etc.).

I also look forward to having more hotel options available on the app, and not just in KL but also in other areas of Klang Valley.

Personally, I find the prices on Flow generally reasonable. Some people pay RM150++ for a single meal, so why not 7 hours of very comfortable and productive hotel experience?

It’s not an everyday or weekly thing for me if I’m working solo, but a pleasure to work from time to time.

If you choose a hotel room that can accommodate 2 people to work and share expenses together, it is even more worth it for you.

Just…don’t choose a room with glass windows between the bedroom and the bathroom if you plan to use the toilet or the bathtub.

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