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Corner stone construction. {Sharon Aron Baron}

By Bryan Boggiano

The Cornerstone development on Sample Road and University Drive continues to climb skyward, and the developer is updating the city on its progress.

Scott Backman, the attorney representing Predesco, the developer of Cornerstone, updated the city commission and the community redevelopment agency at their joint meeting on Wednesday.

Backman announced several changes to Cornerstone, including reduced office space, more apartments, and more hotel rooms at the planned Hyatt hotel.

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The original plan, approved on November 12, 2020, called for 351 residential units, 82,866 square feet of retail space, 195,211 square feet of office space, and 138 hotel rooms.

The retail space included 21,448 square feet on the ground floor of the north block, 17,329 square feet on the ground floor of the south block and 44,089 square feet reserved for a large retail area rather than a Movie room.

Updated plans for the South Block call for an increase to 144 hotel rooms and the addition of a rooftop bar and dining area of ​​approximately 2,000 square feet.

The original plan for the North Building included no residential units and 44,089 square feet of commercial space on the top floor, in addition to office and retail space on the ground floor.

The updated plans call for 365 residential units, bringing the total number of proposed residential units on the property to 716. There will be no office space or retail space on the top floor.

The updated plan calls for a rooftop pool on the north deck for residents and a deal with restaurant chain Taco Craft to open in Cornerstone.

There will also be an increase in commercial space on the ground floor to 27,245 square feet in the North Building.

Predesco also announced that the originally planned grocery store and movie theater concepts are no longer priority items.

Ahead of Wednesday’s meeting, Predesco announced it was considering reducing office space and adding apartments to site plans, citing changing market conditions and the pandemic.

Predesco anticipates that they will complete the south block in May and expect the entire block to be completed by May 2023.

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More Apartments, Hotel Rooms, and Less Office Space: Cornerstone Developer Update Commission
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