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Costa del Space: Orbital Assembly Corporation hotel rooms in orbit

Having a good time, we can see your house. When you really need to get away, Orbital Assembly Corporation might have the answer: leave the planet behind. Literally. They plan to open the first-ever hotel rooms in space by 2027, as part of a huge rotating circular space station known as Voyager. Once there, you can look down on everyone else, those land vacationers who have had to settle for simple five-star hotels, infinity pools and unnecessarily ornate cocktail parties. Postcards will never be the same again.

Your out-of-the-ordinary space hotel will be in one of 24 “habitation pods” attached to the outside of Voyager’s two rings, which will gently rotate to provide gravity about one-sixth of what we use to on Earth. The idea is to combat space sickness in weightlessness, such as that experienced by long-term residents of the International Space Station.

With Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin already offering short trips to space, plans for the not-yet-fully-funded Orbital Assembly seem far from fanciful. The most upscale accommodation will be in bespoke villas. As Tim Alatorre, co-founder of Orbital Assembly Corp. says, “We can configure our modules for high net worth customers. VIP private jets can be very lavish, but this resort will have much lower noise levels, pressurization constant and no turbulence. It’s going to be more like a billionaire’s private yacht.”

The construction will be entrusted to Orbital Assembly Corporation, which presents itself as “the first large-scale space construction company in the world”. They will start by building the smaller inner ring, which will be connected to the outer housing ring by pressurized access tubes. If you tire of the ever-changing view, there will be plenty of distractions, from gyms to upscale restaurants. No news yet on whether Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” – which features a broadly similar, albeit less luxurious, rotating space station – will be available as a movie choice, or if Voyager will feature a homicidal computer. called Hal, as in ‘2001’. Better not to think about it.

Orbital Assembly is optimistic that your off-planet vacation will happen. Costa del Space, here we come.

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