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DC’s quirkiest hotel amenities, from common dog to secret rooms

Living life, hotel style, can be exhilarating with dizzying views, fluffy bathrobes and little soaps worth snatching up. In Washington, DC, some hotels go even further, offering jaw-dropping amenities not seen anywhere else, and probably for good reason, too.

Below, Curbed DC has listed in no particular order some of the weirdest amenities found in the nation’s capital, from a goldfish roommate to a radio station to “sensory experiences.”

The LINE DC radio

1770 Euclid Street N.-W.

This newly opened hotel offers a creative space, known as Full service radio, which offers over 30 local hosts with 24/7 online and in-room streaming. Behind this new venture is record producer, sound engineer and disc jockey Jack Inslee, who previously launched Heritage Radio Network.

The LINE DC, itself, is also quite remarkable architecturally, being located in the first Church of Christ, Scientist, redeveloped around 1912.

The Common Hotel Jefferson Dog

1200 16th Street NW

Meet Lord Monticello, otherwise known as Monti. Because January 2014, this friendly pup has both lived and worked at the Jefferson Hotel, offering a helping hand to anyone in need of a beagle’s love. Guests can also bring their own dog to play with Monti at the dog-friendly hotel. Amenities offered here include dog beds, bowls, and treats.

The Secret Rooms of The Mansion on O Street

2020, rue O N.-O.

The Washington Post/Getty Images

There are quite a few random and quirky trinkets in this hotel, from Beatles and John Lennon memorabilia to a Bob Dylan signed guitar to thousands of books with almost everything for sale. Part of the fun of this place is not only exploring the themed rooms, but also searching for the secret rooms. There are 70 secret doors to discover here.

Free goldfish roommate from the Monaco hotel

700 F Street NW

Hotel Kimpton Monaco

Photo via Wikimedia Commons/AgnosticPreachersKid

Yes, you read that right. At one time, this Kimpton hotel offered all lonely guests a fishy friend. Because January 2018the Guppy Love program has since ceased, due to a partnership with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Eaton DC…everything!

12th and K streets NW

Gachot Studios

There is a lot to be said for this hotel, which is scheduled to open in the spring of 2018. A hybrid model of hotel and co-working members’ club, this hotel will offer a radio, artists’ studios, a 50-theater with a VIP section and a wellness center with a holistic approach. Art, music and film festivals focused on social change will also be held here, while locally made artwork will rotate throughout the hotel.

The planned “sensory experiences” with the planned infrared saunas and sound baths are other eyebrow-raising amenities.

Were there any other quirky amenities left on this list? Let Curbed DC know in the comments or email whistleblower line.