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Elbow Beach Hotel restaurants still open despite resort closure – The Royal Gazette

Updated: October 23, 2021 07:55

Open for business: Cafe Lido restaurant in Elbow Beach is in full swing despite the closure of the Elbow Beach hotel (file photo)

A restaurant complex at the closed Elbow Beach Hotel is still in operation, the owner said yesterday.

Jacky Di Meglio said Café Lido and the Sea Breeze Lounge and its terrace were still open, although the Paget Hotel and its cottage accommodation were closed.

A spokeswoman added that they “remain open and ready to serve Bermuda residents and tourists.”

She said: “Jacky and his team have been running the resort’s various restaurants – including Café Lido Restaurant, Sea Breeze, The Deep and Mickey’s – since April 1992.

“Jacky has seen the resort develop from a small operation over the years to become an icon of dining and outdoor entertainment in Bermuda.”

The Saudi hotel’s restaurant complex is managed by the Bermuda-based MEF Group.

The spokeswoman added that Mickey’s closed after hurricane damage last year, but it was hoped to reopen after hotel owners complete repairs to driveways and around the restaurant in sea ​​side.

She said Mr Di Meglio “agrees that Elbow Beach remains one of Bermuda’s gems and looks forward to better times for all concerned”.

The spokeswoman added: “In the meantime, Sea Breeze continues to find aficionados with the explosion of outdoor dining and continues to welcome Bermudian artists to its spectacular terrace.”

Mr. Di Meglio said: “I look forward to continuing to welcome all of our long-standing customers for 30 years to the Lido Complex.

“Our exciting menus and entertainment continue to please and appeal to the next generation looking for a lively, friendly atmosphere.”

Café Lido and Sea Breeze are open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch, dinner and takeout.

Entertainment is offered on Fridays and Saturdays.

Reservations can also be made for private events and end of year parties.

To book, call 236 9884 and for more information, visit