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England fans face £9,000 hotel rooms and £11 pints in Qatar for the World Cup

England fans could be charged up to £9,000 a night for a hotel room at this year’s World Cup in Qatar.

Fans are scrambling for accommodation at the tournament, which begins in November. Plenty of affordable rooms have already been bought, with some fans planning to camp out on a deserted beach to watch the English side of Gareth Southgate.

Those who want a drink may be forced to pay for an expensive hotel room. Qatar has strict alcohol laws, although these will be relaxed for the World Cup. Alcohol will be available at beach clubs, but anyone caught drinking outside designated areas could be arrested.

Qatar is believed to have the most expensive pints in the world. A pint of Stella Artois costs £11, while a bottle of Heineken costs £10. The price of wine is also believed to be around £11 per glass.

Fans will be allowed to drink when entering the stadium perimeters but not in the stands. Regular “happy hours” will reduce the price of alcohol by 33-50%.

Budweiser, one of the main sponsors of the tournament, will also offer affordable alcohol. Pints ​​of Budweiser and Bud Light are expected to cost £6 at Fanfests.

It will cost many England fans a fortune to attend this year’s World Cup in Qatar

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And there are other expenses. Return flights from the UK are expected to cost upwards of £1,000, while match tickets won’t come cheap, with prices due to be announced shortly. The most affordable tickets for the last World Cup in Russia were priced at £80.

There are also serious concerns over whether Qatar is big enough to host a World Cup, as more than three million fans have attended each of the last four tournaments. Qatar is smaller than Yorkshire, which has between five and six million inhabitants.

As a result, only one and a half million fans are expected to attend the tournament, an estimate that could drop if it proves too expensive to visit. It would be the lowest attendance at any World Cup since records began in Mexico 52 years ago.

Qatar Tourism chief Berthold Trenkel exclusively told Mirror Football: “There will be alcohol available in more places. We will open beach clubs where beer will also be available. Fans will also be able to buy beers at these places.

“Fans will also be able to buy beer once inside the stadium perimeters. There will be kiosks selling beer…there will only be non-alcoholic beer inside the stadiums. “

Angela and Chris Norton, a British couple who live in Qatar, told The Sun: “There are a lot of rules they won’t be aware of, like the need for women to cover up in shopping malls. If you’re wearing a shorts or a little dress, you will be scolded and other women will spit on you.

“The cost of alcohol is so high that most expats only drink at happy hour between 5pm and 8pm, where a pint of beer still costs almost £8. Drinking in public is prohibited and if you try , the police will show up and take you to jail.There are CCTV cameras everywhere.