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Hotel rooms booked for the holidays force affected Hawaii military families to move up Christmas

HONOLULU (KHON2) – Waikiki will be home to many military families affected by the Navy’s water contamination crisis during the holidays.

For the Ramirez family, this is not what they were hoping for for Christmas.

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“I’m starting to cry just thinking about it because I had it all planned out for the house, and I’m trying to navigate it and make it work at the hotel,” said Merranda Ramirez, a Navy wife.

On Tuesday, the Navy announced that families staying in some hotels will have to relocate.

“The reason for the change is due to the initial contracts that were developed and the hotels that don’t have capacity at this point or can’t accommodate beyond these dates,” said CMC Melvin Isom, NAVSUP Flt. Pearl Harbor.

Visitors who had already booked rooms for the holiday season will soon be arriving, which means rooms like the one the Ramirez family now calls home must be vacated.

“So where are we supposed to go?” We’re just supposed to take all our things and put them in our car or go back to our house which doesn’t have clean water,” Ramirez said.

Some families try to split their time between the hotel and home. The Parrish family live in Halsey Terrace and travel back and forth to their hotel to shower.

“Like you forgot what fresh water looked like. It was a huge eye opener,” said Montana Parrish, a Navy wife.

For them, the mixed messages ahead of the holidays are discouraging.

“We still have to move everything we took there. I talk about that as another downside and up until this town hall they were saying we were covered until the 23rd for these hotels,” Parrish said.

The Navy says it is working to secure more rooms, but these families want clear answers now. For more information on possible moves for those affected, Click here.

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“I really wanted to make the most of this holiday season,” Ramirez said. “We’ve had a lot with our family, and I was really hoping this would be some kind of quick fix.”