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When it comes to indoor water park hotel options – I don’t think you can do better than the Great Wolf Lodge. Because I recently took my family for a one night stay and we had a blast.

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Plus, while we hit the one in Anaheim, Calif., the Great Wolf Lodge runs at least 18 of these massive resorts across the United States. Click here to find your nearest location.

So it’s understandable that they pretty much thought of everything. In fact, this could be your family’s ultimate getaway – or vacation.

✅ PRO TIP: You can do it all in one night, but you’ll be on the go and exhausted by the end. Staying two nights slows the pace considerably. And staying three nights will allow parents to relax a bit. ;0)

And thinking about everything is one thing. But they perform well too! Thus, the time spent with the family goes well for the parents and the children!

Great Wolf Lodge – Indoor Waterpark Hotel

So you can think of the lodge as a sort of damp, indoor Disney. Another way to think about it is a Vegas hotel on the Strip where time evaporates without ever leaving a single building. But family and kid oriented for sure. :0)

Because there’s healthy fun to be had in countless ways. And it’s so much more than just waterslides – even though these are awesome!

There is a mini bowling alley for children, an ice cream shop, a candy store and an arcade. Plus, they include guided arts and crafts, story time, a dance party, and more.

Of course, there is the whole water park. Including a lazy river and a wave pool. In addition, there are apparently countless different water slides. And all are logically grouped together, keeping small, medium and large children/adults safely separated. But it’s all inclusive for the family.

Indoor Waterpark Hotel - Poolside Cabanas at Great Wolf Lodge

Poolside Cabanas by Small Kids Slides – Great Wolf Lodge, Anaheim, CA

And remember I said parents are also entertained. For example, moms and dads can take a breather during crafts and story time. Or watching bowling.

But they can also relax in one of the Vegas-style cabanas in different areas of the water park. Yes, even adult drinks are available if you wish.

Booking your indoor water park hotel

My wife takes care of all our travel plans. But booking any location for Great Wolf Lodge is easy. In fact, we enjoyed our stay so much that I partnered with them.

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Indoor Water Park - Photo of Smith family sitting on bear with Great Wolf Lodge sign

Great Wolf Lodge, Anaheim, CA

Arrival, parking and check-in

Arrival and check-in was also a breeze. Although they offer valet parking, I prefer to park myself. So we found a spot and walked in, we were about an hour early for our official check in time.

But being early was no problem as they checked us in right away.

Put your ears on

And in a very Disney-like move, along with the recording comes your wolf ears. That my son, my wife and I have all cradled with pride.

Also, staff should be tasked with chatting to people with suitcases and ears. Because everyone we met welcomed us and was super helpful. (The same goes when they see you leaving with suitcases.)

Cool optional upgrades

Aside from Wolf Ears, there are also some cool upgrade packages at Great Wolf.

They can include various extras like a trip to the ice cream or candy stores, a game of bowling, and arcade credits. Additionally, there is an option to add goggles and pool-related gear.

Magic wand

But also, an interesting upgrade is the magic wand. It is totally interactive and can provide hours of educational fun on its own.

First, we took our son to choose and customize his wand. Then we followed clues throughout the hotel – like an electronic scavenger hunt.

Throughout the hotel we waved our wands with varying results. Sometimes we added to our Maji-score. And other times, something mechanical would activate to entertain us.

Check into your indoor water park hotel

We actually chose a themed room for our stay. So it included a log cabin with bunk beds and its own TV for the kido. And the magic wand even activated some surprises in the room too!

There are lots of themed rooms to choose from and it definitely enhances the stay. At the same time, there are so many things to do outside of your bedroom that themed bedrooms are absolutely necessary. Just an extra cool option. :0)

Indoor water park – huge. Fun!

So we put on our bathing suits and headed to the water park.

And the entrance to the water park is a gift shop that focuses on pool items. And that’s where we picked up the children’s glasses included in our package. (Decent quality – not extravagant.)

Once in the water park, the first stop is the towel station. This is where the person running the towel station informed me that the bracelet my wife made sure I was wearing was doubled as a room key!

So that’s great. Because I got towels, knocked on the snack bar, and walked in and out of our room – all with my bracelet.

Slides at the indoor water park

Now, water slides are for all ages. And everyone’s safety is clearly paramount.

Small slides and water playground

For the little Cubs

But there is a closed playground for the little ones. And that includes slides and water just deep enough for their little bodies.

Then there’s the picture at the very top of this article – it’s medium slides and a playground for bigger kids. Adults can also enjoy it.

Finally, there are the monster slides – pictured below.

Indoor Water Park Hotel - big slides and lazy river with a couple of mums and a child in the foreground

Great slides for kids/adults and lazy river

These range from family style for little kids through adults to crazy adrenaline pumping slides for adventurers! And let’s not forget the lazy river that winds around the big slides.

On top of all that, the water park also includes a wave pool! Also, there is a boogie board ride but it was out of order when we visited.

Great wolf howls! Indoor Water Park Nightlife!

After many hours of fun at the water park, Dad was tired. And my son looked ready to fall asleep standing up. Of course, that’s when he stood still for more than 3 seconds. :0)

So we went up to our room to get ready for dinner. We ate at the restaurant in the lobby. American food, I had a salmon caesar salad, my wife had a gourmet burger and our son had spaghetti and meatballs.

While I waited for our meal to be served, my wife and son went to story time in the lobby. And after dinner, we went to the ice cream shop for dessert!

Dance party for children!

Then what could have been the coolest part of the evening was a dance party especially for the kids!

Our son loved dancing with mom and got on his own after a while. And the staff at Great Wolf Lodge were brilliant – partying till the end!

The next day

That night everyone slept like logs – we were all exhausted. My wife said I snored particularly loud…but I think she was joking because I didn’t hear anything.

A special morning bonus for me was a Dunkin’ Donuts just inside the Anaheim location! Being from the Chicago area, I LOVE Dunkin!

And I needed that extra boost because my son insisted we go back to the water park fun until checkout.

Departure and return

So we were at the Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Water Park Hotel for about 24 hours all inclusive. And we were all exhausted.

It was awesome overall. My son was so tired he didn’t even have the energy to argue so much when it was time to leave. :0)

And as we were leaving with our luggage, all the staff were fantastic. From housekeeping to the maintenance crew and lobby receptionists – everyone was thanking us for coming and just being super nice.

Great Wolf Lodge and Violet Family

Tired little guy, mom holding magic wand

And of course, there was something going on in the lobby. When we were leaving, we had a photo shoot with Violet, one of the Great Wolf Lodge characters.

We will definitely be back. Because it was probably the best organized and funniest 24 hour hotel stay we have ever had. We never left the building!

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Have fun, your kids – and you – will LOVE it!