Hotel rooms

Man buys hotel rooms for families displaced by Winston-Salem fertilizer fire evacuation

WINSTON-SALEM, NC (WGHP) – Many people did everything they could to escape danger.

They left the 1 mile radius evacuation zone to stay with friends or family.

But some people didn’t get far. They headed to the evacuation shelter so they could help people deal with the current situation.

One man’s kind gesture meant families had a safe and warm place to spend the night. Five families were able to call the Courtyard Marriott on University Parkway for free because a local business owner showed up ready and willing to help people get rooms.

“We understood that they might need more help,” Kalim Andraos told FOX8.

Kalim Andraos saw people being asked to leave their homes because of the fire at the Weaver fertilizer facility on Cherry Street.

Some people left with just the clothes on their backs. He’s no stranger to leaving the house in a heartbeat. He is a refugee from Lebanon, and that is why on Tuesday morning he showed up at the evacuation shelter, ready to help those in need.

Andraos drove family after family down the street to the Courtyard Marriott to pay for a room they could stay in. He even bought pizzas for those who were hungry. These kind gestures made it clear: these strangers were now part of Kalim’s family.

“Coming here makes it personal, you know, with Delores and her daughter, you know, Shameka… she has four kids. It gets personal when they don’t have a place, they don’t have shoes on them,” he said. “They didn’t have time when they evacuated…they didn’t have time to put on their shoes.”

Many people showed up to help in whatever way they could.

As for Kalim, he said he wanted to show these families that there is hope for tomorrow and that they will soon be home.