Hotel rooms

Man reveals everything he takes in hotel rooms before leaving and people are divided

Popular TikToker Dutch has revealed to its 1.4 million followers all the items it takes from its hotel before leaving – and the list has left people divided.

Dutch often gives advice and information on how best to manage finances while living in New York, one of the most expensive cities. He advocates strongly for affordable housing and higher wages.

But between his informative content, Dutch also likes to crack jokes. So when the opportunity arose to joke about enjoying free stuff, the TikToker took it.

“I’m about to leave the hotel to leave and when I tell you I’m getting everything out of this hotel,” Dutch said at the start of his video.

Among the list of things Dutch took are the miniature toiletries from each day that the staff replenished, instant coffee, notepad and tissues.

“If there was a way to get the bed…listen if it’s not nailed down,” Dutch joked.

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Some commenters picked up on Dutch’s freebie collection and joked with the TikToker.

“As it should be,” one user commented.

“Don’t forget the toilet paper!” Another said.

“I’m doing the same. I paid for it, it goes with me! Use it or bless others. No skin on their backs. Carry on good sir!” A user commented.

However, others have found taking free items you don’t use to be wasteful or disrespectful.

“I’m not okay with taking things just for the sake of taking them,” one TikTok user commented.

“Why take stuff you’ll never use? It’s wasteful,” said another.

But the reality is that you are allowed to take free items from hotels, which are all the items Dutch mentions in his video. Items you cannot take to hotels include towels, light bulbs, blankets, alarm clocks, remote controls, etc.

“I’m not really going to take the bed, but take the sheets off… Take the sheets off,” Dutch said.

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