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Miami’s Riverside Wharf complex will include a dream hotel, restaurants, clubs and a marina

The Wharf Miami will soon be transformed into something much bigger.

This month, Miami developer and Breakwater Hospitality partner Alex Mantecon and Breakwater co-founder Emi Guerra announced their partnership with Driftwood Capital for Riverside Wharf, a large-scale entertainment complex located along the Miami River where currently finds the Wharf. Nitin Motwani, developer of Miami Worldcenter Associates and managing partner of Merrimac Ventures, is also a partner in the project.

Riverside Wharf has been in the making for a long time, says Alex Mantecon new times, describing a series of moves that have included five acquisitions over the years and culminating in a long-term lease secured in 2016 for the parcel of land adjacent to Wharf Miami.

“From there, we started coming up with ideas for what the project might look like,” says Mantecon. “One thing we always considered was a hotel, and we’ve worked with the city to get the approvals in place for the past few years.”

At ten stories, the $185 million mixed-use development will rise on the current Wharf Miami site and adjoining vacant lot. Development of two 1.5-acre, 200,000-square-foot towers is expected to start in 2022, with an expected completion date of 2025.

During 2022, the team promises that the wharf will remain open during the early stages of construction.

“The wharf was always going to be temporary. When we first acquired the site, there was no real story to see if it would be a successful location for what we hoped to do here,” reveals Emi Guerra . “We never knew how long it would last, but we consider ourselves lucky that the dock lasted so long. Plus, we’re excited to be able to evolve the concept into something more permanent.”

Guerra says the team plans to keep what Miamiams know and love at the wharf, with sweeping river views along an expanded boardwalk and several outdoor dining activations.

“It will be better built than the current development and hopefully will become a landmark that will serve as a cultural hub connecting the entire Wharf Riverside complex,” promises Mantecon.

He says Riverside Wharf will be an entertainment destination that will serve to elevate the entire Miami River District.

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The Riverside Wharf complex will include the Dream Hotel.

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“We’re trying to create a legacy project that will be transformative, with everything from morning activations to late-night entertainment,” Mantecon said. “It will be like nothing Miami has ever seen.”

Designed by Jon Cardello of Cube3 Architects with landscaping by Savino Miller Design Studio, the resort will feature the reimagining and expansion of Wharf Miami in addition to a 165-room luxury hotel, several iconic restaurants, a gym of events, a discotheque and a rooftop. day club and a private marina that can accommodate mega-yachts.

The plan includes a long-term agreement with Dream Hotel Group, which operates properties in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Bangkok and, most recently, Nashville.

The complex will also house at least two stand-alone dining establishments, as well as several on-site dining options.

“We are currently in discussions with catering bids, with the idea of ​​bringing in premium, world-class concepts to lead the project,” Mantecon said. “We want to make sure we’re doing it right.”

Guerra names a potential tenant: a satellite location of the Garcia Fish Market, with a smaller establishment and retail market that the group says will pay homage to the property’s commercial fishing history.

“What makes this whole project unique is the marina. There’s really no place like this in South Florida where you pull up in your yacht, go to a restaurant, go to a club, get back on your boat and go,” Guerra said. . “That’s really what sets him apart.”

Mantecon adds, “We are thrilled to finally realize Miami’s dream and vision for its riverside entertainment district which, until now, has been historically vacant and underutilized.”

Breakwater Hospitality Group operates the Wharf Miami, Wharf Fort Lauderdale, Rivertail, Ch’i in Brickell and the Piefather. In 2022, Breakwater will reopen the much-missed Irish pub Coral Gables JohnMartin’s.