Hotel rooms

Number of confirmed cases rises to 533, more than 2,000 hotel rooms at Sheraton will be used for quarantines

Some 2,000 hotel rooms at the Sheraton Grand Macau will be assigned for medical observations of confirmed cases to help contain the most recent community outbreak, health officials said.

The Sheraton Grand Macao was already being used by Macau authorities for quarantine purposes, with the 2,300 hotel rooms at Le Parisien Macao – another Sands China property – added to the list of available medical observation hotels.

A total of 2,766 people are currently under medical observation in quarantine hotels, 2,309 in general designated medical observation hotels and 457 in specialist medical hotels.

The number of confirmed cases among the latest community outbreak rose to 533 this afternoon.

A total of 9,700 people linked to these confirmed cases have been placed under medical observation, including 484 positive cases, 1,478 close contacts, 6,369 non-essential close contacts (common route), 419 secondary close contacts, 294 general contacts and 656 people companions. .

A total of 16 red lockdown areas and 59 yellow lockdown areas are still in effect.

Some 41 new people were due for medical observation today, including 16 Macao residents and 25 non-residents.

Some 122 confirmed cases are currently under observation at Alto de Coloane Health Facility, with additional mild and asymptomatic patients quarantined at specific medical facilities.

A critically ill 60-year-old patient is now stable after treatment for the disease and drug treatment for COVID-19.

The latest round of citywide testing ended with a total of 652,544 samples collected, with preliminary positive results reported in 44 mixed samples.

So far, six employees of the Health Office have been infected, including a sampling examiner at the nucleic acid testing station, two cleaners from the concession company operating at the Conde de São Januário hospital, a nurse from the Alto de Coloane Health Facility, an emergency department nurse and an auxiliary.

These six infected workers tested positive for nucleic acid tests conducted on June 26, 27 and 28, all of which were detected during citywide testing and routine testing for key groups.

The scope of its activities covers the area of ​​hemodialysis, pharmacy, emergency department of Conde de São Januário Hospital, Alto de Coloane Health Facility, some rest areas for cleaners and some office parts of the logistics area.

After investigation, 32 employees were provisionally classified as close contacts and placed under medical observation. All areas affected by positive cases have been fully disinfected and cleaned.

The Health Bureau also carried out rapid antigen and nucleic acid tests on all staff and patients, approximately 719 people, who were in the identified areas.

All results were negative and currently, no hospitalized patient has been infected at Conde de São Januário Hospital or Alto de Coloane Health Facility.