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People are booking hotel rooms just for air conditioning to escape the 40C heatwave on Monday and Tuesday

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People have decided the only way to cope with the fierce temperatures across the UK this week is to book hotel rooms with air conditioning and swimming pools.

While many offer the usual advice to stay in the shade, drink plenty of fluids and keep curtains or blinds closed, some are taking more drastic and unconventional measures, opting to book air-conditioned hotel rooms.

The luxury of air conditioning is obviously something the vast majority of homes in the UK are not blessed with.

One person on Twitter said they had “found an air-conditioned hotel” to help them through the heat, but pointed out that most people could not afford to do so and the country’s infrastructure was “not designed for this heat.

Another asked if anyone knew of any hotels in this UK with an ‘outdoor pool or at least nice leisure facilities’. They explained that their plan was to “hide somewhere” all Sunday through Tuesday.

Others joked that they were “Googling cheap local hotels with AC” and asked if anyone “would like to go halfway to a hotel with AC”.

But all joking aside, the heat on Monday and Tuesday poses a very serious threat to many, and people are urged to watch the elderly and vulnerable.

The UK could record its highest temperature on record this week, with some regions expected to see mercury exceed 40C for the first time in this country.

The Met Office’s extreme heat red warning means the weather poses a threat to life and is likely to disrupt travel.

You can learn more about the severe weather warning, what it means and what you can do to deal with the heat here.

Due to the weather, Network Rail said people should only travel ”if absolutely necessary” on Mondays and Tuesdays. A number of services have already been canceled and a speed restriction is in place across the entire network.

People are also being warned of the dangers of swimming in open water to try and cool off.

Over the weekend a 16-year-old boy died after swimming with friends at Salford Quays. Meanwhile, West Yorkshire Police have confirmed they found a body while searching for a man who went missing after he got into trouble at Ardsley Reservoir.

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