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Planning filed to replace Dublin’s iconic beer garden with hotel rooms

You would think we were all staying at the hotel at this point, but apparently not.

The Holiday Inn Express on O’Connell Street has proposed a plan to replace the courtyard currently used by Fibbers, the Living Room and Murrays.

The proposal would see a seven-story extension located in the courtyard, providing 103 additional hotel rooms.

The plan was shared this week by the Irish Twitter page Dublin City Lifewho encouraged anyone angry to ‘translate that anger into action’ and oppose the proposal via Dublin City Council’s WEBSITE.

The Twitter page also shared screenshots from C+W O’Brien Architects, detailing the design proposal and site analysis. No information about the extension offered by Holiday Inn is available on the C+W website at this time (16), but the screenshots shared by Urban Living indicate:

To the rear of the hotel is an outdoor area connecting three pubs. This is a beer garden used day and night by the adjacent pubs – The Living Room, Murrays Pub and Fibber Magees.

It has seated tables, food trucks, and big screens to watch the games. It can get very crowded and noisy on weekends. Although appreciated by many, it was a nuisance to guests and residents in the yard. The area is owned by the Holiday Inn Express, but its lease is set to expire soon, making it an ideal time to expand the hotel.

The courtyard, which has been used and enjoyed by generations of Dubliners, is a well-known place to watch matches, get some fresh air after concerts and enjoy the buzz of Dublin City nightlife . And if there’s two bands you don’t want to go up against, it’s the heads of the GAA and the hard-core Dublin rockers. Together they will hopefully create a force strong enough to protect this iconic space.

Header image via Instagram/thelivingroomdublin

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