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Tachi Palace invests millions in hotel room renovations

LEMOORE, Calif. (KFSN) — If you’re looking for a getaway not too far from home, Tachi Palace is hoping to attract customers with an enhanced nighttime experience.

Less than six months after renovations to the casino’s Coyote Entertainment Center, the team is investing $7 million in its hotel rooms.

“We took the room, gutted it completely and really made it a state-of-the-art design,” said Tachi Palace general manager Michael Olujic.

On Tuesday, we were treated to a tour of the upgrades, which include a complete overhaul of the rooms. Everything has been upgraded, from the floor to the genuine leather walls to the bathrooms.

Customers will notice the attention to detail and innovative upgrades throughout.

Olujic says Tachi staff members have handled much of the renovations to help keep costs down.

“We designed these parts in-house, we built all the factory work in-house and we did a lot of the work in-house within our team to build these parts and with that we drove a lot of value to from what we got out of those rooms,” he said.

Along with the addition of USB charging ports in all rooms, special smart glass has been installed to allow customers to see inside the bathroom when turned off and switch to a frosted look when turned on.

“Everything is easy to close, everything is curved and everything is state of the art and the bathroom really amplified that,” Olujic said. “When you walk in here you really have a very technologically advanced room, but it’s really ergonomic and simple.”

Officials hope all 255 rooms will be renovated by next year.

The construction project is the first for the hotel since it opened nearly 17 years ago.

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