Hotel restaurants

The 6 Hottest Hotel Restaurants in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco

IF YOUR IDEA of a meal at the hotel restaurant consists of sad peas accompanied by a factory-farmed ribeye and a piece of blue-covered iceberg in a bottle, it’s time to look up. A new series of stylish properties have competed against top chefs, most with a James Beard award or two under their toque, to add cash and cachet to the premises. In some hotels, people staying in a guest room have priority when it comes to landing at a table; in others, hoteliers leave meal reservations exclusively in the hands of the restaurant. To be sure, foodies looking for warmth may want to book dinner before booking their room. Here, an overview of some new hotel restaurants that are worth discovering.


East Coast chef Daniel Humm and his partner/restaurateur Will Guidara, of the Michelin-starred 11 Madison Park and NoMad New York hotel in Manhattan, are behind the food and drink at the upcoming NoMad to open in downtown Los Angeles. Mezzanine, the LA hotel’s upscale restaurant, offers deluxe vegetarian fare as well as carnivorous catering dishes like suckling pig and the Milk & Honey dessert that has become a signature. “It’s especially difficult to get a reservation on weekends,” said a guest services representative. “We try to put our customers first when we can.” Otherwise, try your luck on