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Top 10 Things People Always Forget In Hotel Rooms And What Happens To Them

The 10 most common items left in hotel rooms are chargers, gadgets and teddy bears – but what happens to the items hotel guests forget when they check out?

There are items we are all guilty of forgetting when leaving a hotel room

We’ve all been there – you had a nice relaxing stay at the hotel, you come home…only to find you left something at the hotel.

In fact, new research from Travelodge has revealed the 10 most common items left in its hotel rooms, and they range from chargers and phones to toys and books.

When it comes to a laptop or sentimental item, it can create a stressful situation, but the good news is that it’s one that can easily be rectified.

Call the hotel as soon as you realize something is missing and give them a detailed description of the item, along with your room number. In most cases, your item will be easily found and returned to you (although you may have to pay postage).

According to Travelodge’s Lost and Found audit, chargers are left most often by guests, followed closely by gadgets such as phones and laptops.

Books, teddy bears and toiletries are also among the belongings that families tend to forget when checking out (you can see the full list below).

Of course, there are also plenty of uncommon items that people have forgotten while staying at a Travelodge.

Last year, staff at the brand’s hotel uncovered bizarre offerings such as a 5ft-tall wedding cake piñata in Edinburgh, a grandma’s clock in Harrogate and a Skywatcher telescope in Aberdeen.

Oh, and in some cases, some people even forgot their beloved pets! An Angora rabbit called Thunder was left behind at Leamington Spa, while a bridesmaid left behind a pair of love birds called Will and Kate as she rushed to a wedding because she was dealing with a “bad hair day”.

Top 10 forgotten items in hotel rooms

  1. Chargers for Cell Phones, Smart Devices, Kindles and Laptops
  2. Mobile phones, tablets and Kindles
  3. Books
  4. teddy
  5. Toiletry bags
  6. Jewelry
  7. Clothes
  8. Toys
  9. Business documents/notebooks/presentations
  10. Gifts and giveaways

So what happens to the items left behind?

The good news is that those forgotten gadgets, toys, and gifts serve a good cause if left unclaimed.

Most hotels around the world tend to hold items for a few weeks, and if these are unclaimed, they will then donate them to charity. (The retention period for forgotten items depends on the property).

It’s easy to overlook the likes of gadgets and chargers


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Travelodge, for example, holds the items for three months, before donating them to local charity shops of the British Heart Foundation, its charity partner.

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