Hotel rooms

Tourist influx means demand for hotel rooms in Halifax


Before the borders opened, the tourism industry in Halifax wanted visitors to be here – and now they are.

“Just to see people moving around and happy and smiling and participating and enjoying the restaurants is awesome,” said Rick Melanson.

With tourism seemingly booming, finding a hotel in Halifax has become nearly impossible.

There are three main reasons why there is a rush on the rooms.

Melanson and Julie Whalen are lucky they are staying with their daughter.

But others are scrambling to find accommodation.

Increased tourism and a shortage of employees that prevent some hotels from operating at full capacity are two reasons why demand exceeds supply.

Gustavo Leszczynski and his family visit Halifax from Toronto. He booked his room two months ago and was able to find a hotel in downtown Halifax.

He says he is aware of the shortage of rooms that others are currently facing.

“It’s the first time we’ve been here, it’s a beautiful province for sure,” he said.

“Because all the provinces have opened up and tourism yes, is picking up and I think it’s quite difficult at the moment, even to rent cars, I think it’s a bit more difficult.”

University students are another factor affecting hotel availability – lack of accommodation has forced some to move into hotels.

“Three of my friends who just arrived here and are in hotels because they can’t find a place,” said Abhinav Gaur, a student at Saint Mary’s University.

Hospitality professionals advise booking as early as possible and checking regularly for cancellations as they happen.