Hotel rooms

USG and UI will provide 30 discounted Iowa House hotel rooms to students during lease periods

The Iowa House Hotel will provide 30 rooms for students during the July 28-August 1 lease gap period in partnership with UI Student Government. USG will help subsidize some of the expenses.

Lillie Hawker

The Iowa House Hotel is seen Thursday, May 5, 2022.

Students looking for housing between leases will have the option of staying at the Iowa House Hotel at a discounted rate this summer.

The University of Iowa Undergraduate Student Government is partnering with several UI Student Services Areas to provide 30 rooms in the hotel during the lease break period, sometimes called by “homeless week” students.

USG partners with UI Student Legal Services, the Iowa Memorial Union, University Housing and Food, and Student Assistance and Care.

The lease gap period is from July 28 to August 1. Apartments typically end leases the last week of July and begin August 1, leaving moving students with the task of finding housing while they wait, according to the Rental Gap Program website.

In the final years of the program, UI offered 40 rooms in halls of residence to students.

Nikki Hodous, director of UI Student Care and Assistance, said the lease gap period is often very stressful for students, and she hopes the university can ease student stress with access to dorm rooms. hotel.

“We met throughout the spring semester to discuss ways to support students living off campus, which included facilitating this lease gap program,” Hodous said.

Patrick Johnson, USG president for the 2022-23 academic year and former chief financial officer, said USG will help fund the majority of this program, as well as the Iowa House Hotel, to ensure that needs fundamentals of students are satisfied while they are on campus.

“There’s no reason for students to find themselves homeless just before school starts at the end of the summer and have no place to go,” Johnson said. “We must do everything in our power to ensure that our students are supported and cared for while on campus.”

Johnson said the Iowa House Hotel will provide 30 rooms for $45. The Iowa House Hotel website currently has single rooms available starting at $110 per night.

He said USG would subsidize $20 per room per night, and students would be allowed to stay for the full term if needed. UI students will pay $25/night with the USG discount.

Johnson said $20 is the maximum amount the US government has decided to fund with its budget.

Bill Nelson, associate dean and executive director of IMU, said the Iowa House Hotel greatly appreciates USG’s willingness to fund the program.

“We need to help students find affordable, accessible and appropriate housing during the lease break period,” Nelson said.

Students with cars can purchase parking spaces for an additional $10 per night. Rooms will be first-come, first-served, and applications will open June 10, according to the Summer Gap Lease 2022 program website.

Nelson said the hotel will provide a free breakfast every morning.

Catlett Market Place will be open throughout the program for students to purchase meals either individually by credit card or U-Bill, or through 25 Herky Booster Pack meals, which will continue through the school year. they are not used, the website said.