Hotel rooms

We need hotel rooms for displaced families

Dear industry colleague,

I am writing to see if you can help us find hotel rooms to support some of the desperate families who have been displaced recently due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. If you or someone you know is able to help (please feel free to share or forward this article), we are looking for contributions from hotel rooms operating in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Moldova , Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. was created by a handful of hospitality industry veterans, to help the hospitality industry make rooms available to those seeking shelter who have been displaced from Ukraine. Dozens of families have already found refuge thanks to this initiative, and hundreds should be accommodated in the coming days.

To join the initiative, you can contribute hotel nights by clicking here. This will take you directly to our room booking platform powered by HotelSwaps. Simply complete the hotel entry form. Any hotel located in host countries can participate by donating rooms in its hotels to accommodate displaced families. There is no minimum night donation required, but 5 rooms for 5 nights would be a good start. Reservations will each be for a maximum of 5 nights in a double room. There may be requests for extra beds in some rooms and hotels can accommodate them where possible.

According to the UN, more than 600,000 people have fled Ukraine. Most of them are women and children, sometimes accompanied by elderly family members. They are traumatized, tired, scared and afraid of their loved ones who have been left behind.

Many of us felt helpless. However, I have boundless faith in our incredibly resilient hospitality industry. And I know that if we can all work together, we can help in so many impactful ways. My colleagues Michael Widmann and Christian Walter from PKF Hospitality Group are spearheading this initiative, and we are using the proven technology of HotelSwaps from Preben Vestdam to facilitate room bookings, while Gernot Leonhartsberger and his team at Moodley are working on the branding with many others who have volunteered to help. We strive to connect fleeing families with hoteliers and operators who can provide shelter for a few nights.

Thank you for your help.

Jonathan Worley
Chairman and CEO on bench