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So it was that two slightly dizzy women pulled into Newcastle station, after a fast train journey of just under three hours, ready to relive our youth without responsibility. We jumped into a pre-booked Dean Taxis, marveling at the beautiful architecture the city had to offer as we made our way to our hotel.

Just one thing to note – the entrance to ABOVE is separate from the hotel, so don’t do what we did and ask to go to Vermont – you’ll have a three minute walk down some steep steps if you do. done.

After briefly queuing outside we were ushered into a lift to take us to the bar – and when the lift doors opened I could see it was a luxurious hotspot, filled with Newcastle’s finest.

We were initially taken to a side room away from the hustle and bustle of the main bar – if you find yourself led that way ask to stay in the main bar as it’s basically a walk through rooms of bath.

Resettled, we were much happier and enjoyed the expertly prepared cocktails. We also enjoyed a delicious meze platter – the days of being able to drink without food are over!

After enjoying the view and enjoying the drinks, we parted ways for dinner. A few minutes walk away, down a quiet street was the stylish 21 Newcastle.

A warm welcome awaited us and we enjoyed a hearty meal of oysters, halibut and a hazelnut soufflé that I still think about weeks later.

The wine list was long, although I confess that I settled for champagne to match the festive atmosphere in which we were.

I couldn’t recommend 21 Newcastle more – the staff were friendly, knowledgeable and unintrusive (one of my pet peeves), and the food was sensational.

However, my days of early morning club nights are long gone, so we re-booked with Dean Taxis and headed back to the hotel.

The Hotel du Vin beds were so comfortable it was hard to get out of them, but we made it in time for breakfast, which was plentiful.

In addition to pastries, cereals, yogurts, fruit and toast, there were hot dishes to order. I went for a restorative avocado on toast (I’m a millennial after all), which was just what I needed to fuel myself for the trip home.

Another quick train ride later, laughing at the night before, and we were home, already missing the town that gave us the perfect girls’ night out.