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Will mobile hotel rooms become a permanent accommodation product?

A mobile Hilton hotel room sitting at the top of the greens (outdoors) — Photo by

An overview of Hilton’s mobile hotel room — Photo by

A look inside the Hilton’s mobile hotel room on the greens (outdoor) — Photo by

Hilton rolled out a tiny 160 square foot hotel room that’s on wheels (Chang, 2022). The “appear,” mobile hotel room was designed for golf enthusiasts during the 2022 RBC Canadian Open from June 9-12 and the Women’s Open in August. The hotel room was built inside a custom trailer located on the green near the third slipway.

What does the Hilton mobile hotel room look like?

Although the hotel room looks small from the outside, it has everything a typical Hilton room offers. There is a bedroom, bathroom and windows offering panoramic views of the golf course, as well as a terrace which gives guests direct access to the golf course. It also comes with linens from Waldorf Astoria and DoubleTree cookies. The room is mobile and autonomous. Ideally, it can be placed wherever Hilton wants it.

How can travelers book a stay in a Hilton Mobile Room?

At this point, the removable room is made exclusive to golf tournaments. Hilton hosted an online contest for golf and tiny home enthusiasts. One lucky winner has been chosen to stay in the mobile hotel room during the Canadian Open. After the golf tournaments, Hilton has no immediate plans to roll out more tiny mobile hotel rooms.

What’s next for Hilton Mobile Room?

Travelers have been flocking to unconventional accommodations since COVID-19, and colocation facilities are doing exceptionally well. In addition to meeting consumer demands, such a tiny, mobile hotel room concept can work well for special events or occasions, such as golf tournaments in Hilton’s example, other sporting events, concerts and state parks. Above all, it is not as expensive to build.

What do you think of this concept of a tiny mobile hotel room? Will other hotel chains follow? Do you think he will survive beyond the pandemic?

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