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WSOP offers cheap hotel rooms and raises to keep dealers working

You’ve probably heard of traveling nurses, but have you ever heard of traveling poker dealers? WSOP Reseller Recruitment for this year’s tournament in Las Vegas reads a bit like a pitch for a hospital looking for more nurses.

Among the incentives, which have proven effective, are cheap hotel rooms and better hourly wages. The push was necessary due to expected record attendance and new venues for 2022.

WSOP Reseller Recruitment Efforts Expand for 2022

According to Bryan Horwath of Las Vegas Sun, the WSOP has secured the services of hundreds of dealers for the upcoming month of poker games. It’s a necessary expense because on some days there will be close to 600 tables in play at once.

These resellers didn’t just descend on the Las Vegas Strip be part of the action, however. In collaboration with the host sites and other nearby businesses, the World Series of Poker went all in.

The WSOP has partnered with the Hotel Rio on Flamingo Road. It has secured a block of 200 rooms and offers them at a price rate of only $30 per night for dealers. Some dealers even split rooms to further increase their profit margins.

However, they are not the only ones to double. The WSOP also doubled increase dealer pay rates. WSOP vice-president Jack Effel said the base rate had increased by three dollars an hour to $12.50.

Along with bonuses, this means dealers can earn up to $50 per hour at certain events. Then advice comes on top of that. These accommodations have croupiers descending from the tournament from all over.

“We went everywhere we could think of to find dealers,” Effel told Horwath. “Some are veterans who have worked for us many times. Others are people returning to the business because they were driving for Uber and the gas got too high. Some (former drug dealers) from Las Vegas have left in recent years for places like Texas or Florida.

Dealerships aren’t the only ones sharing employee benefits. The tournament also increased cashier pay rates. The reason for this unprecedented spending? Casinos are expecting an unprecedented comeback.

The 2022 World Series of Poker could be the biggest ever

The 2022 WSOP kicked off today with a ceremony featuring Lisa Vanderpump. The event will run until July 20. This duration is standard, but there are unique elements for 2022.

Unlike previous years, Nevada’s host casinos this year are the current ones. at Bally’s (coming Horseshoe Las Vegas) and paris las vegas. Caesars announced this decision by clearly indicating its intention to sell the Rio last November. The Rio had been the site of the event for the previous 17 years.

Due to the number of tables and the inclusion of new events, turnout for this year is expected to be at an all-time high. The size of the sites should also allow for a record number of players. For example, Bally’s and Paris’ convention space totals over 200,000 square feet.

According to David Schoen of Las Vegas Review-Journalthe WSOP record for players is 8,773. The 2006 tournament saw this all-time high.

Since Caesars and the WSOP expect hundreds of tables to be full on appropriate days, it was necessary to bring in hundreds of dealers. It seems that their recruitment of WSOP dealers has been successful so far.